Anti Aging & Longevity with the Living Foods Lifestyle tm.

Anti Aging has always been the idea behind Dr. Ann Wigmore's system. Here in New Mexico we use the princples of rejuvenation to clear out the digestive tract first. In conjunction with next level of rebuilding, which is, clearly 'The Spine'.  The communication connection between the colon, intestines and digestive tract on through to the brain is the next key unraveling inflammation from the body.

The 'Ten Day' program addresses mind, body, spine connection ___ more clearly for people who have already moved past the step of 'Digestion and Elimination' rebuild. Without a clean and efficient diegestive system, Anti Aging Protocols, may be more suppressive than constructive.

Why possibly suppressive? As the result of clearing out inflammations in the dense tissues (Bone, joints, ligaments, tendons...) the sensations of pain can be excerbated by what is called a 'Cleansing Reaction'. Herbs and methods of relieving this may actually make the body seem better than it really is. This can result in the individual not being fully aware of or completing the 'EFFORT' of maintaining and rebuilding the systems of assimilation and elimination. As long as this last sentence is fully realized, we can teach a person how to accelerate and modulate their own path to longevity now.

Thanks for considering Living Foods Lifestyle ® to follow.   We can all learn from each other.

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